Golden Axomorph

Our Story

NFTs have changed the world—but they haven't arrived without their share of problems, from social to environmental costs. Of course, new mediums and methods of communication are always a bit of a mess when they're first invented. So like many artists in the NFT space, we wanted to see if we could make a small contribution to both working out some of the early issues with NFTs, as well as harnass the undeniable economic power of NFTs towards solving some very real-world problems.

The Axomorphs project exists for one, clearly definable goal: Saving the Axolotls, one of the world's most beautiful and unique—and endangered—animals.

Here's what a real-life one looks like:


Isn't she adorable? Yes—and she's also near extinction in the wild. As of 2020, there were only between 50 to 100 Axolotls left. (This does not include the dubious Axolotl pet trade.) And if Axolotls go extinct, we'll lose more than one of the natural world's greatest treasures—we may very well lose the key to human life extension. Because Axolotls have the innate ability to regenerate their limbs, gills, eyes and brains, they may very well hold the keys to humans learning to do the same.

Axomorphs isn't a black-hole charity. It's a focused, specific mission, harnassing the power of the blockchain to rescue a single species that is not only in terrible danger, but that even a tiny amount of human effort could save from the brink of annihilation.


The Axomorphs project is currently liasing with environment preservation groups and nonprofits in Mexico City in order to build our infrastructure for saving the axolotls, including the groups MOJA AC and Umbral Axochiatl. Once we have our donation structure in place, you'll be first to know about it. And you don't have to take our word for it: Donation percentages will be encoded directly into the Ethereum smart contracts so that all donations will occur immediately and on-chain, for maximum accountability.

Join the Best Community in All of Web3

While we're focused on saving the Axolotls—and generating wealth for the community, of course—we're busy curating the best NFT community in Web3: A group of people in NFTs not just for a quick flip, but who actually care about using the technology to do good. Through our Discord and planned virtual and IRL meetups, you'll get a one-of-a-kind, exclusive opportunity not just to network, but to make true friends—friends that could last a lifetime. Join us now in the Discord, and be part of building your tribe!